Can anyone upload a mirror to this ragdoll?

NOTE: I never pirated a game in my life, I have valuable proof if you check my Steam page. I don´t have Gmod yet because I need to save money for it (Christmas gift)

So I just want someone to upload a mirror to

If you love smoki skins for CSS, you can do this request (Secret proyect)

I don’t think that’s going to happen either way.

You need to save money for ten (10) bucks?

I got the link anyways so this topic is now useless.

Oh and I will be buying Gmod on Saturday! Yay!

Ok… now I have changed my opinion, I cant wait to buy Gmod and I want to try this as soon as I can (In CSS)

The so called link I have said wasnt the original deal (Ultor retexture) It got boring really fast and I want LAPD (Just need the texture) and the mercenaries so smoki can rig them

So can anyone please upload a mirror? Im being serious