[CAN/ENG] Livestreams 2/25 1/2 Craft | Active Admins | Noob Friendly

Greetings! Welcome to this post about one of the most friendly servers out there :slight_smile:

A server with active admins. Aiming to build a community and a playerbase with no hackers. Currently having these addons:

We are in for suggestions, so let us know ingame of which addons you want to have, but you have to give a reason for it.

Chat Moderation - For different kinds of bad words and spammers

Cheatpunch - To provide a cleaner playerbase

Fps Booster [CLEAN] - To help people with low performance with FPS

Flags - Providing permissions for server supporters and players

Loot Spawn List - Customized loot table for a better experience for new players(not drop increase)

MOTD - Letting you know when people log on


Other nifty addons that will make the experience better

We aim to provide a server with fair PvP and a good community server

Strikes and Warnings - For use if players are acting out to other players in bad ways. Strikes gives a ban at 3, warnings gives a strike at 3.

Temporary Admins Force - If items as pillars have been griefed by other players - only used to help players

Admins are not allowed to give themselves items or abuse admin in any way. If an admin is to use admin commands they are bound to follow the rules which includes not killing players or abusing it in any way or form that alters the gameplay of rust of non-admin users.

The playerbase currently on the server wants you! to join us and be a part and form a great community of rivalry and friendship.

We have players from all across Europe, USA and Canada.

Everyone is welcome unless they hack, are abusing voice/textchat in any harmful way.

Join us today and let us know what you think ingame!

If you want to take a look at supporting the server or sending a message to the serverowner go to this page:

Below the stream window thereโ€™s a way to message the owner or support the server as we are looking into rewards ingame towards players who support the server.

Players on the server are happy for new players and are often helpful!

Also being able to vote for the server ingame will earn you rewards

Livestreams [CAN] 2/25 Active Admins | Noob Friendly F1 CONSOLE net.connect

We are looking forward in having you raid our bases! :slight_smile: