Can funk_tank damage npc's like Striders and Helicopters?

I tried adding a boss fight to my map where the player has to use a mounted gun to shoot down a helicopter, but it seems like it can only be damaged by explosives like RPGs and SMG grenades. Is there a way to get the func_tank to work here like the airboat turret you use against the Hunter-Chopper in HL2?

Your best bet may be to decompile the map with the turrets and the hunter chopper and check out what Valve’s settings were in the map.

I’m pretty sure the turret you use in that part is part of the airboat entity, so decompiling it wouldn’t help.

But, But! When you are at the part with the huge loch, there is a turret in a control room that you can damage the chopper with.
It was in water hazard when you got the 357 for the first time.

No, his best bet is to wait for some people with some real advice to get up and ask them.

I don’t know why you need to be a dick. If I was in the dilemma I would look at how valve did it since they have obviously mastered the editor for source.

Actually decompiling a map keeps the entities fine. If he decompiled it to look at the entities, then thats fine.

I totally forgot about the turret in the control room; I thought the only turret you could use was the airboat gun. Does anyone know the name of the map it’s in?

Allow me to load half life 2 and find the exact name of the BSP for you!
No sarcasm intended.



Thanks for the help. I decompiled the map and found out that the turret used in that map is a different entity, func_tankairboatgun. I used that in my map instead of the regular func_tank and it’s working fine now.

Good to know you used my idea. I hope it all works out!