Can Hl2 on disk work

When i get my new computer im going to get garry’smod on steam but im getting HalfLife 2 on disk, i know that alot of games o disk do a full install so will this work?

enter your activation key from HL2 on Steam

you mean the key in the case of the game or on the back of the manual?

Same thing.

It will work, especially if you put it on your account using the CD key. Although, Garry’s Mod will never become retail and sold in stores

It’s quite easy (as I have done that with my Portal 2):

  1. Take your game box to your computer while you’re logged onto Steam and open it up
  2. Click on Games->Activate a Product on Steam… and keep going till you reach the Product activation
  3. Enter the product code as shown on the reference card and click Next
  4. Bingo, you’ve registered your Steam game!
    NOTE: I haven’t tried with games that haven’t been put on Steam yet (such as Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets or Prisoner of Azkaban), but that is also because I couldn’t be bothered. Also, once that product code has been put on your account it cannot be undone, Valve made so that the key can only be written in once (attempting it again on another account doesn’t work, mostly to prevent piracy suspicion)

ok, thanks

Or you could insert the disc in and just follow the steps like I did. It’s easier.

You’ll still have to update it though, so it only spares you half the time of just downloading it through steam.

About 2 months ago, I got a brand new PC. Installed orange box n stuff… All the hl2 updates were like 200mb for me. That isnt the half.

Be prepared to download a fuckton of updates.

Wait would this work for an ancient copy of Dawn Of War, you reckon?

No. None of the DoW keys will register on Steam.

As far as I know no non-Steam key will work on Steam

Actually lots of games do:

However games that came to steam after you bought the game itself by retail is not a option. Like the SimCity 4 game I have. Man, I just wished.
:suicide:Fuck My Life

also can you just fully instal half life 2 from the disk and add the shortcut onto steam without using the keygen to download half life 2?

can anyone anwser my question?

Nope, James. I fully doubt it, and who needs Keygen anyway? It’s not legal anyway, and I’ve never wanted those. And don’t even try the so-called “Undead Patch”, because it needs to hack your account and… Well, don’t know. But still…!

i already paid for half life 2 and getting it ordered soon

If you’re on a 1Mbit and gotta download 200mb of updates, it saves you hours, however last I downloaded HL2 it was doing 11MB/s so it only takes 2 minutes.

Depends on your internet connection, and if you got a 10Mbit or faster I’d say just download it directly off steam instead.