Can I ask why my account was EAC banned?

So, my steamID is: 76561198213569923

I don’t really know why I was banned. I got on after about a week of not playing and was instantly banned.

It always amuses me that these posts always happen after “a week or so of not playing”

what do you find amusing?

So many bloody posts about being EAC banned.
Pro tip: Don’t hack.

Just the fact that every thread made here seems people seem to have been banned after having a break of some kind. In most cases it’s because people like to say it couldn’t possibly have been them that cheated because they haven’t been playing. I’m not saying that’s you, it’s just a common thing.

Also the EAC forums are the place to ask about bans, a couple of staff members check here but you’d get a faster response contacting them directly.

i never hacked lmfao. i even took a couple screenshots in this server when i was going to hit a 400m+ shot to show i wasnt hacking.

Like your name says bro…2 bad so sad.

i was prepared for someone to comment this sorry

Just do not hack man. It is that simple.
You know it and we know it: you cheated.

Get over it and buy a new copy.
Support a great game and do never ever
think of cheats being an advantage for you.
They simply are an advantage for the person
you bought it off. Have a nice day, man.

don’t forget to purge all traces of the cheat from your computer; uninstall it and double check that all of the files for it are gone

Anyone who hits a 400m+ shot is definitely not a legit player, furthest shot hit I ever saw was about 217m and I wouldn’t have believed it if it wasn’t my friend who did it 2 me.

I’m legit, I hit a 500M shot.

i have to disagree strongly

Yeah I’m not believing that (unless you were aim Botting and flying) it’s impossible to even see 500m only a kid trying to brag or a foolish adult would come out with something like this. I have over 750h on rust and things get obvious when someone is lying. I’m open to joining a server with you and having you prove me wrong!

so many EAC posts lately, so many innocent people

It’s a sad sad situation, my heart bleeds for all the cheaters out there!

You know i find it rather funny how people automatically assume, just because someone gets banned by an anti-cheat they are labeled a cheater, Well i’m going to be that one and only voice of reason, automated anti cheats are not perfect, i have seen many cases of legit players getting banned for no reason, for example on my computer i can run rust at absolutely 100% maximum settings 2500 Draw distance ect. no lag at all and i have done head shots with a bolt action Rifle using High Velocity ammunition, at approximately 425+ meters and people call me a hacker, A: I have been aiming at you for about 5 minutes while you are sitting still, and if you are moving i simply tracked your movement, High Velocity Ammo in the game can clear 500 meters in easily a second and a half, does that make a hacker no it doesn’t i just know what the bolty can and can not do.

Some players automatically claim your a cheater because you killed them beyond their draw distance, that isn’t your fault that you have a better computer than them.

Also i have seen cheaters not get banned by the anti cheat, (Not to be mistaken for Admins with No Clip or abusive admins with god mode and such on.) The legit cheaters that don’t get banned, it’s a little something called Ghost patching, tricks the anti cheat into reading that your account is anonymous, so it can’t track a steam ID to ban.

also as i mentioned ive seen legit players get banned by the anti cheat, and those people are people i have known for years.

automated anti cheats are not perfect, and it is more than possible that the anti-cheat could have made a mistake, so when someone says they got banend by the anti-cheat don’t be the dork in the group that says, you got banned your an auto cheating scrub, because i can tell you, while it is RARE that the anti cheat is wrong, it can still happen.

Now that i have said my 2 cents worth, do with it as you may.

Being called a cheater by people in game for hitting a long shot is not the same is being called a cheater for being identified and banned by a cheat detection tool that actively scans the game drivers for injected code.

Also, those “legit” cheaters you say you see, will eventually get caught and then banned, “ghost patching” or not. It’s a little thing called a ban wave that inhibits the cheat makers ability to circumvent the detection process. Then those cheaters will come here, hoping to get unbanned by feigning innocence. And when we make fun of their copypasta excuse for getting banned, some new guy will jump in with the misguided intention of defending them.

So far, the only time someone legitimately got unbanned by EAC, they were found out to be cheating on a family shared account. If there was a flaw in EAC, we’d be seeing a mass of consistent reports on false bans, not one dude faking innocence.

there is one exploit i know of that allow for this that is very “legal”

I agree. They should write some sort of app that scans the client PC for signs of known hacks, then bundle that in with the game and require everyone to use it. It would be an easy, anti-cheat solution.