Can i block spawning an individual vehicle on my server?

I have lots of mods on my server, they download for others via workshop so it is pretty fast, but one of the car packs has a bus that crashes the server, can i block just that one? Or the category its under?

what administration mods are you using?
if you’re using FPP you can blacklist the bus model.

I’m using ULX.

What Prop Protection mod are you using? NADMOD (Which is arguably better but not in this situation)? or FPP?

I’m not using one, but thanks for the tip, ill download FPP right away, what do i do afterwards when i have installed it?

There should be some new categories in either the utlities or options tab. Make sure you are superadmin and then use the menus to add models to the blacklist (I’ve since switched to NADMOD so I’m not exactly certain of the particulars anymore)

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Be wary that some models will be blacklisted by default, so you may have to remove models such as the Combine Hopper mine if you want your players to be able to spawn them.

Thanks man you just saved my server :3

No problem :>