Can I change my email?

Hey I was wondering if there is anyway that I can change my email for my rust account?

You can’t and if you want change your email means (not sure) you bougth account from some one!
and i didnt say you bougth 1

My email got hacked so I just want to change it that’s all

Let me guess, you’re one of the many one post wonders who bought a key off a shady fellow on Reddit and got scammed…

Im sorry, what does bougth mean?

Your Email got hacked? why that is easy just use your security questions, alternate email, or your phone number to reset your email. Its as easy as that. Nearly all games that need email as registration do not allow you to change email.

I’d like to add on to that: The few that do usually send the new info to the old box, in addition to a confirmation. If your e-mail really was hacked, then the hacker would be able to get the new address and probably hack that too.

Part of the reason they do that is to confirm you actually are the user of both E-mail addresses, as the sale of accounts is a thing in most online games and a lot of people who purchase accounts don’t even consider that. I did not mention this tidbit to jump on the OP despite how suspicious their situation is. Its facts

the people on FP are so mean -.-