Can I class a hammer editor funk_physbox as a prop

I made a small simple map with nothing on it and tried to make a boat on it. I wanted it to be a prop so I changed it’s properties to funk_physbox. I know it would not be in the props menu but It would duplicate and reacted like a prop. My question is can I call it a prop ???

  1. func_physbox
  2. Physboxes are not props. You want prop_physics

Yes I know that but It does not give you the option to make it a prop_physics because realy it was a brush thinge. The closest I can get to is funk_physbox and it behaves like a prop. So if I was to make something cool like a empty space ship with rooms in it and wanted to upload it. I want to know if I can say that it is a prop because basicly it is a prop just clased as funk_physbox.


Also, I have no idea what you’re trying to get across. If you want to put physboxes in Adv. Dupe, not gonna work, as they are part of the map.

Try using Propper.

It lets you make an object in Hammer and export it as a model/prop. I hear it’s a bit tempremental though.

to lavacano’s last post. I did not know that you canot take the dupe out and use it on another map.
The point I was trying to get accros was having a space ship uploaded on saying name physbox sounds weird compared to saying name prop. But since I canot dupe it on another map then no point of uploading it in the first place because it would not work.

To the post above mine. I will use it thanks :smiley: