Can i create my own server hosted on my other pc?

Hi , i have a decent other pc in the next room , i waned to ask , is there no way for me to host my own server ? i’m not talking about LAN connection , normal internet connection like this hosting guys do. Thanks

You cant, server files havent been oficially released.

They’ve been leaked and some players have been hosting cracked servers.

This basically means “yes you can, unofficially”

So while he said “you can’t” he meant you “shouldn’t”

so what do the community server mean? cracked?

no community servers are player rentend servers

You can host it using the leaked server files. My advice: Don’t mention they’re leaked. People don’t know the difference if it works and people can play.

I’ve done it. Not gonna lie. No one had any issues. I decided to can it though until the updates come out that fixes the desyncing bug since they’ve identified it.

Once that’s released and I’ve upgraded this PC i’ll probably drop the cash on a hosted server.

Can you pm me with more details pelase? :slight_smile:

D ont do it man.
O ficially the files are not out for us to use.

I ts just not right
T o steal work from thoose HARD working server hosters…
! so. all in all… dont.

those greedy guys , aparently it takes like 1 gb ram , and a crappy procesor and 2 mbps to keep 30 players on , and they charge me 20 eur for a server with 50 people … my country has 1gbps connection … i don’t want profit , because i dont want to beg donations , people who want will play and there will be no resets that is the main thing i want.

I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE… I thought that looked weird.

5 points to gryffindor XD

I like typing random characters sometimes

Just go here and rent one $20 a month plus a free website and VoIP service

in a country where people earn 150 euro a month , and i have spare 6 gb rig with 1 gbps bandwitdh i’d say 20 usd for that is a crap for smthing i cam do myself xD

Where did you get the leaked files?

(User was banned for this post ("dumb bump, asking for leaks" - postal))

how about no

There’s already a gazillion servers. =S

Chances are you would need much better net to run it yourself.

He is trying to point out that he can get speeds of 1gbps, in the UK in places you can get 8gbps~ even as a resident.

So why would be pay stupid companys to run a bullshit server when he can host his own with a much larger bandwith and most likely a much better pc.

Why is rust holding this function back ?

Release it as a new package? £50 or something and you get all the files to host your own, and it gets put into the offical list?

Or does rust have a too juicy contract with the hosting companys to not do this.

Not the “offical” list, but on the server list in the correct section, maybe its own list…