Can i create official server ?

i wanna buy new server and i have one question
Can i add this is server to official servers
just i am playing on moscow 2 server and he have so much cheaters
so , can i create server with “Russian” title ?
ps. sorry for my english

You can’t make an ‘official’ server - see this thread which was posted a few days ago:

Servers shouldn’t be marked “Official” unless they are hosted by Facepunch Studios, and your server would not be.

Because it isn’t impossible to do, some servers have faked their way onto the official server list; those servers risk permanent blacklisting by garry. It’s a bad idea, don’t do it.

can i buy facepunch server ?

What’s wrong with the community tab? Why does every server have to be on an arbitrary list to be a good server? Just make a community server man, they’re great.

If you want even the slightest hope of having an official Rust server, you’re going to need to already be running multiple, fairly large servers with good populations and fair admins, but even then, you probably can’t count on it. There’s absolutely no way they’re going to add a server owned by some random guy just because he asked.

tnx for reply

Rustafied made it to the official list, so if you can do what they have done, and prove that your dedicated and trustworthy maybe you can make it too.