Can I disable muzzle effects (Client-side)?

Most RP servers use madcow weapons and this is a problem for me, because I lag from the the the the gun makes when you shoot it. So I was wonering how I may disable these affects. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

well. all i can think is edit the swep, dealte the effect and ur done, but i dont think its the muzzle flashes its the effect what the swep is doing, like bouceing of walls, going “thru” walls, just get a new CPU (i recommend intel core duo)

Did I really say that? Wow.
Get a new processor and itll fix everything? Was I retarded?
And, my god the spelling errors.

I edited the swep. But that only works server side. I need to do this client side,


Sorry, I meant they use Cs Real not mad cows. And even if I don’t play thier, most servers use cs real or madcow wepons.