Can I do something about mapping thiefs ?

Hey Facepunch,

I started working on a Hogwarts map some months ago for a community that hired me.
Yesterday I found a server using my map and hidding the credits with some PHX props and then I complained to the server owner that I made this map and that he should remove his prop.
He just banned me without any reason.

Here are the screenshots of the map :

the real place :[/T]

On his server :


He already did this with one of my previous map rp_blacklake :



Is there something I can do about this ? I’m getting tired of this kid.

Make a large Trigger Around your credits area that’ll destroy any props that come into contact with it. I think a trigger_multiple with a keyvalue added in by turning off SmartEdit will do, but I forgot the keyvalue.

Not really, the modding scene surrounding source engine games is completely free and without constraint.

Even if you did what Sparkthunder said, all anyone would have to do is either go into the console or use an entity to delete the trigger. It has been possible since goldsource to put decals or anything else in a map and achieve this sort of thing.

At the end of the day, you put the map out there somewhere online, and anyone can download it and redistribute it. People can even decompile it, edit out anything, and recompile and distribute it.
If you put some sort of a paid license on it, there is no system in place in source games to actively monitor for “pirated” maps.

Sure its a dick move to put their credits over yours, but its essentially equivalent to someone buying a painting and putting a sticker with their name over it.
If you want to be clever, put the credits somewhere where no one will see it (like having to noclip to find it). Old source game maps used to do that, like Counterstrike source, even Counterstrike 1.6.

When I make maps I usually splice up some wall or ladder and right between those two or more slices I’ll make the texture be my name or something but you’d be only able to see it by noclipping into the wall. No idea if this will save me someday or not but I hope it does since finding that in the hammer editor is near impossible without checking the texture list.

Make your name using big bulky brushes so that it can’t be covered easily and obfuscate your maps so that nobody can decompile them.

Using entspy would be a solution.

On your server you have the normal version.
On the fast-dl / workshop you put a entspy version where you deleted all useful entities. But dont forget to preserve checksum when you save the map. That way even if the 2 map are different, they can still be used to play. (Like someone will dl the broken version but will be able to join your server that got the working map).

But about the thiefs, it’s not weird that they steal things, they are french (and im speaking as a french :wink: )

I’m OK with people decompiling and editing maps, as long as they credit the original creator. Taking credit for someone else’s hard work is quite an asshole thing to do.

Some people even make available their uncompiled maps, because decompiling can cause issues. Edit to your heart’s content, but always give proper credit. That’s just basic decency.

It’s sad to admit, but you’re right. The french community is one of the worst I’ve ever seen.

I’m thinking of releasing it on the Workshop when it will be finished so the angry kid won’t be able to steal my credits if the map is popular enough.

Worst case scenario, Just add a Game_text that is triggered on map load.
Hide the game_text somewhere random like in a corner of a brush or a prop.

This is about the only useful solution. The client will never have the full copy of the map, only the bare minimum needed for it to run in the engine on their end.

I love this idea. You should do this just for the sake of it.

Why would you be mad because someone “stole” your map? How is it even possible to steal something that you release for free? If you are angry at servers for using your map, then whats the point in making the map in the first place?
It obviously boils down to them covering your precious credits. If you look at most top-quality maps out there you will see that they don’t have the mappers name anywhere in the map. Mapping shouldn’t be about prestige. If it is so for you then you are doing something wrong.

At the end of the day you should be happy anyone uses your map, even shitty decompiled and altered versions that were made without your permission. Why? Because the point is to let people have fun and enjoy what you made, and not about making a name for yourself.

I’m not mad because he’s using the map, I’m making map hoping people will enjoy them. I’m mad because he’s hiding the credits on the map and saying that he made the map.

I’m working really hard on this, people can use it and I’ll be proud if they do, but stealing my credit which is the only thing I want to keep on the map is getting me really mad.

He isn’t actually decompiling and changing the map, he’s just displaying he made the map on his server. He doesn’t even get anything out of it, he’s probably just using it to stroke his e-peen on a cult-of-personality community; give it a year and it’ll die out anyway.

Make maps because you enjoy it, make sure you can prove its your work; but there’s no reason to go after people who try to “steal” your work, they’ll get what’s coming to them, and you’ll be seen as a bigger person.

You’re not really able to stop him from doing this. Just do what everyone else said and either hide it in a noclippable area, or put it in your custom skybox texture ( either the bottom so you can only see it via noclip, or hidden amongst the clouds ).The only way I see him getting around that is decompiling, or lua scripting to change the skybox. I don’t think he’d put in the effort to do so seeing as he just prop blocked your credits.

Anyways, if anyone loads your map in single player that plays on that server they’ll be able to see the original credits. If I saw something like that I would stop playing on said server.

Just my 2 cents… good luck!