Can I do these things on my server?

I’m a new server host, and sorry for my poor English first.
I tried to google these questions , but in vain.

I run my server with Ulx and pointshop.

First, I want to know if I can restrict users from spawning anything but only spawning things with pointshop?
If I can restrict them from prop lists (Q) and playermodel lists ©, that will be better.

Second, can I strip(ulx command) users when they respawn or come into the server?

Third, can I add vehicles to my pointshop?

4th, is there a way to get point for pointshop in other way? Such as kill a zombie add 30points.

Last, can I change the default model of the hunters in prop hunt?

I will be very grateful for your answer.

  1. If you mean you can stop them spawning certain props you can use this addon to black list props

  2. Not that i know of you might be able to get a dev to do it for you though

  3. I don’t think you can because the pointshop was designed to have a bit extra not use it for spawning cars (if you on darkrp gamemode you can use the vehical tab)

  4. Not by default but you can proberly get a dev to make that for you

I am i server owner my self if you need any help you can add me on skype my name is josmal/the joseph master (i’ve got a skull icon) plus i would like to know what gamemode this is for because i really can’t understand