Can I gauge support for a Dino Crisis map/s?

Right guys, as the title states, I am looking to get people on board with support for an original styled Dino Crisis map. This should also strike a tone with those of you who played the Resident Evil games up until RE4.

Would anybody enjoy this? Does anyone miss semi-fixed camera, puzzle-solving, atmospheric, story driven action like I do?

If anyone is interested, would they be interested in creating a gamemode or total conversion for it? contributing models? Helping with entity work? Mapping?

What do people feel, and does anyone miss Dino Crisis?

You can achieve fixed camera angles in HL2, and I think I have an idea of how to use the actual scenes from the game as textures, but I’m not sure if it works.

Naw, I see where you’re coming from though. You mean pre-rendered backgrounds right? I’d probably go for the DC1 style properly rendered areas. Pre-rendered takes a lot of effort to make, ironically. Also, I’d probably not be using the original game’s story, but rather creating a whole new adventure.

Door transition scenes are more than possible, though getting a decent system whereby you see your character running around, without using the mouse, could be tricky.

No other interest huh?

Dino crisis is awesome, i loved it becuase it was basicly resident evil but with dinosuars.

A dino crisis map would be sweet.

Well, there’s one person who feels how i feel. :smiley:

Now, anyone else, and madmanmad, can you model or code?

i’m pretty interested in this, i loved dino crisis and think it would be a great idea