Can I get a key

Could I have a key to the game? Because I want to burn the material on YouTube because my audience is not cierpliwiom please send the pw

(User was banned for this post ("Crap key thread/didn't read the sticky" - BANNED USER))

read the sticky


Listen to him before you get banned fool…

I’m almost kinda impressed we still see these threads.

Google translate?

no he just really wants to burn the materials

He means patient. He spelled it wrong though.

Oh God why, just why can’t people read the sticky that specifically talks about Alpha Keys and Banning? I hope the Moderators are feeling merciful…

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The Moderators don’t like ‘Predictive Moderation’.

I am not predicting moderation, I just merely zoomed in on the sticky and edited it > imgur.

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Oh and also, asking for a rust key is like asking an officer for drugs.

These folks are either re-registering (i wish they banned by ip) or they are jumping in here and just posting without following common forum etiquette and reading the stickies at the top first.

Please, please. Learn to read the sticky posts before jumping right in like you know what’s going on.

I wouldn’t ‘Predict Moderation’ if you now whats good for you…that’s all I’m saying.