Can i Get beta key im only 11 olz got noo money for gold

please I want key

(User was banned for this post ("Crap thread" - postal))

Insta Ban it is!

sir, there’s absolutely no way you can get a beta key.

  1. you gotta be 13 + for everything, even this website…
  2. go pay for gold to get a better chance. If you complain about being too poor, dont pay your internet
    and buy gold.

are you proud of the fact you are 13

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or op is 11

read the sticky;

RUN before the hatchet-man gets you!

HAhahaha, I’m new to this and I can tell this thread was a terrible mistake…

Careful, backseat moderation is a big no-no.

wats backseat moderation?

btw, I’m actually proud of being my age and having this spelling and grammar :stuck_out_tongue:

I smell a fresh ban on the grill tonight

extra lighting fluid


lol gold doesn’t = key

wow you sound like every other 13 year old on the internet

“i’m mature for my age”

hi im 12 and wat is this XD

2 things.

  1. i never called myself mature. there’s a line between mature and being proud of your age.

  2. Says the one who judges people by their age and has a naked santa.

wow you’re now on his naughty list lil boy

You “want” a key? You’re not going to get one with that attitude, you have to NEED a key! Your very existence must depend upon whether or not you get an alpha key!

guess that means you wont visit my house and rape me…

That’s Where you’re wrong…

vice versa? D: