Can i get help looking for some official texture fix

The underside of water and tons of shiny textures have the purple and black texture for me and someone told me that im supposed to get a patch for it. i just cant find it can i get a link?

Is it like an in-the-distant texture? or is the actual surface checkered? It may be that skybox problem, i think, i get something like that on the dark side of spawn on flatgrass sometimes, off in the distance of the reflection.

the actual underside of the water

I’m getting this also. Mostly reflections, like wet blood, Kleiner’s glasses,etc.
EDIT: It may have been a bug. It was happening in gm_screen, in the big green room. I spawned Kleiner in gm_construct, and it’s fine.

Get Half Life 2 and Css if you dont have it.

Got HL2, EP1, EP2 CS:S, HL:SOURCE,Portal,L4D.
It might have been a map bug?

i have all of those except l4d, but this happens on almost all custom maps

Also i dont know why the claptrap from the toybox also has a sort of half visible texture error, arent i supposed to have all the textures for that?