Can I get some Alpha Testers to help test this game-mode?

Hey I am looking for alpha testers to test out a game-mode I am working on. I just need people to tell me if they like what they see and some feedback on what to do to make it better. Now Its not done ,so please keep that in mind. This is a alpha test and I am going to be adding in more weapons later on. I just need to make sure I have the bases down for each class and team, before I move ahead.

Just post below of what you think of the game mode. Also post any comments about stuff you feel I should change.

How to test it:

Way 1:

  1. Look for baby wars in the Garrys mod game list.
  2. Join the only server in there

Way 2:

Type this in console: “connect”


class 1 =
health = Higher health
damage = High
speed = low

class 2 =
health = Regular health
damage = medium
speed = fast

class 3 =
health = Medium health
damage = medium
speed = Medium

  • I am debating on adding a class 4 for maybe snipers*
  • I am also debating on letting the player decide their load out*

Items in game as of right now:

taunting = allows the user to play different sounds * plan to add custom ones later just using the achievement sound for testing purposes*
tantrum meter = This allows the user to do special abilities when the meter is full * as of right now I only have it set to increase the speed, but later on each class will have different ability*

Stuff to be added in the future:

Special weapons spawning.
A HUD that changes depending on team
and other stuff

Concept behind the game:

I designed the game-mode to be a funny and completely random. I was trying to go for a like Kids next door sorta deal with the teams, so you have a team of kids vs adults.

Game-modes Ideas/Objectives:

Team Death Match:

The team death match gamemode will have special weapoins that spawn in the middle of the map, and I want to see if I can have random eents happen during the gamemode to spice it up some.

Candy Rush:

The object of this game-mode would be to steal as much candy as possible. The kids would try and steal if for themselves while the enemies would steal it to prevent kids from getting cavities.

One in the chamber:

This is pretty obvious with what it is if you have played it before, but I will still explain. The players get one bullet and every ones health is set to 1. If they kill someone they get one ammo in return. Each player would get 5 lives. Basically the player with the most kills at the end wins.


Thank you guys for your time and I hope you guys enjoy the alpha or can somehow help me improve it. I want to try and create a random fun game-mode that a bunch of people would like.