Can i get some help already?

Ok so, every time i try to join a PERP or CityRP server, i get an error that says:

Engine error
failed to lock vertex buffer in cmeshdx8 lockvertexbuffer.

The reason i named the post ‘‘Can i get some help already?’’, is because this is the 4th time im posting this problem and i still didn’t get any replies.

Then don’t make separate threads and ask people to help you in the same thread. We don’t need 4 of your threads at the same page, probably all made within the same week.

They are not made on the same page, the flood keeps them down anyway, and you cannot say probably until you check.
The reason i made 4 threads is because nobody helped me for 2 weeks now, no one scrolls down just checks the new threads.
Didn’t i ask for help? Not some guy that changes the subject.