Can i get some help, my gmod is not working

Okay so im playing garrysmod rp server happily but i get this shit and im starting to get pretty annoyed by it

and this

you can see the rest annoying shit onthe pics.
so to my question:
How the hell do i fix this shit

You have a content missing… Make sure you have HL2, CSS, HL2: EP1, and EP2

well i do have all of them except hl2

…and there you go

and my friend who im playing with doesn’t have anything else but css and hes not getting those texture bugs

Try to verify game cache.

how the hell am i supposed to do that

Right click on “Garry’s Mod”, then go to “Properties”, and then go to “Local Files”, and click on “Verify Integrity of Game Cache…”

ty it helped :smiley: lol