Can I get some help on flex animation?

I am trying to make a model have a flex animation, sot hat I can code it to do that flex when something happens to it. The issue I am running into is I do not understand the compile file for it. I have already generated the meshes flex animations. I made sure they only moved in one direction. I even managed to compile it and have the sliders appear in game, but when I move the sliders they do not do anything to the model. What am I screwing up on?

Here is the compile code for the flex area.

$model flextest "g_belt.smd" {		// must use $model, not $body, and "{" must be on the same line
	flexfile "g_belt.vta" {		// source of vertex animations
		defaultflex frame 0		// relaxed position
		flex "fat" frame 1
		flex "ultrafat" frame 2
	flexcontroller diaper fat "range" 0.000 1.000
	flexcontroller diaper ultrafat "range" 0.000 1.000	// defines controllers that will appear in Faceposer etc.
	%fat = fat		// assigns a controller to a flex
	%ultrafat = ultrafat

try changing diaper to phoneme. That said it’s entirely possible the flexes are too complex (too many verts moved). Would be best to check out the compile log for that.

Thank you. I am testing it out now, but the only thing I see in console about flexes is:

Max Flex Verts 96 

I hope it works in game. I am pretty sure I did not hit the limit though. I only moved like 40/less vertices, and they where not that large of a movement. They only moved on the y axis.

yea that did not work. I still don’t know what I am doing wrong.

What did you use to create the flexes? The thing that can get you in trouble is smooth groups. If the smooth groups of the reference you used to make the flex are too different from your reference, it will complain about max flexed verts.

I used blender, and is there a way to determine when it is to much. I want it to be able to look different without needing to change to a new model. That ends up increasing download size for people joining the server.

Wait… different how? Just regular facial expressions?

EDIT: Ah, I see it now.

And Fect you really need to chill.

No.What I am doing is not facial expressions. I am just trying to allow a object to look different rather than needing to make two separate models yielding the same result. It ends up saving file size, and should look better in the long run.

Ah, I get it.

That’s honestly a pretty interesting application of flexes. Hope you get that sorted out.

Anyone else have any ideas on how to get these flex animations working?

did you set the key frame for the flex for the correct number?

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another way of see if you .VTA file actually exported a flex is to download VTAApply and apply the VTA to the .SMD

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Oh yeah, try removing the defaultflex line, might actually be the thing causing some of your troubles.

I can re import the animations into the old file, and it will work. Although it still will not scale the flex ingame.

Yea none of those worked ways worked. I have been thinking? Does the face poser only effect faces? When I use it and select the model I have. It will show the flexes but I just can not scale them.