Can I get some help with ACF?

Hey everyone, I just recently got into ACF and wire (And by recently, I mean yesterday.) and I’m already picking up a few things, but there’s still a ton I’m struggling with. Namely, tanks and other vehicles. As of now, all I can do is get a set of tracks that don’t fail miserabley. I managed to figure out most of the weaponry/ammo setups, after a few hours of tinkering. Here’s mostly what I’m trying to accomplish, any links, guides, or advice you guys could give would be appreciated:

  1. Where should I start to just get this thing moving? I was watching some tutorial videos, but frankly a lot of the markers and chips and indicators just kind of went over my head. Some people are saying I need a tank expression 2 chip, some don’t, and I’m just lost as all hell.

  2. What are some good tools I should get for building tanks and vehicles? I’ve got easy precision, adv. ballsocket, axis centre, and a few others, but what are some other good ones that might make life eaiser?

  3. Can I get some examples of really simple, easy-to-build tanks that I could try for some practice? The easier the better.