Can I get some help with the Torches/Fire/Flashlight.

Torches/Fire/Flashlight show but they output no light what so ever. It may be my graphics card. I have re-installed Rust twice. I have an Intel 4000 HD Graphics card. Every thing in the games work except Torches/Fire/Flashlight. I can even see lasers. I really need help because night lasts 15 minutes and I cannot do anything at night. So I basically have to play only during the day time.

The wording is complicated… Do you mean you CAN or CAN’T see lasers?

I don’t know the source enjoy as well as I could, but are these related, or does it effect a group of tehse things? That is if he CAN’T see them.

I see lasers. Torches/Flashlights/Fires don’t show any light what so ever.

Same exact problem.

So it’s not only me? That’s good to know. What graphics card do you have?

GeForce GTX 765M

Well, hopefully we can get people to explain what the promise is. Because if you are running on a GeForce GTX then it’s not the graphics card.

Hey man, I had the same damn problem. I posted a post about it too. Check this link out and about halfway down the page there are some Rust launch parameters which really, really, really help.

try getting drivers for your intel gpu here

My drivers have been updated. Still didn’t work :(.

Adding these parameters fixed it for me: “-force-d3d11 -nolog”
Right Click “Rust” in Steam.
Launch options.
Insert: “-force-d3d11 -nolog”

I figured it out with much help from you guys and other posts, suchas Per_Killer’s post and the people who replied to him. This is what you do:

Go to your steam directory and find the rust directory. It should be something like this:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\rust
Now right click on the Rust.exe. When the right click menu comes up, scroll your mouse down to where it says “Run with graphics processor”. Now another side menu should pop out. And for me there are two options, run with integrated card, and run with Nvidia high performance card. You want to select the card that isn’t the integrated card. And after that, your game should run just fine.

And if you’re really fancy, you can click “change default graphics processor”, and add Rust.exe. to the option, and then select the non-integrated graphics processor and then scroll down the menu there and change “Power management mode” to “Prefer maximum performance” mode and this should make some slight changes to speed and gameplay and such.