Can I get some help

I’m trying to recruit my my clan’s rust division and I’m not having much luck. This is the message I have been using to try and get people interested, could I please get some tips on how to improve it.

I’m in WolfPack Clan, we have our own teamspeak with a dedicated Rust group including our own server. We are AU/NZ as well as CA/USA.
Feel free to check out this stuff, or come on to teamspeak and we can have a chat.
Our Teamspeak - WolfPack Teamspeak Server
Our Rust Server - PvP/DoorShare
Our Website -
No admin abuse, and we are genuinely helpful to new players.

You might try giving more pertinent details about your server.
1: Decay rate?
2: Starter kits?
3: PvP or PvE?
4: Instant or half crafting

As well, give some details on what players may expect. Are they going to be griefed? Is it straight up chaos? Or are you guys chill and prefer more of the PvE gamestyle.
As well for promoting. Use fan sites as much as you can (without trolling and getting banned)