Can I get the vmf of a well done but small map to study?

I’m starting to get into hammer and now know basic construction and lighting but I’d love to study the vmf of a more experienced mapper to see how they do it. If anyone has a map they’ve been working on and wouldn’t mind sharing I’d love to play with it.

This is what I can do so far(these all have screenshots).

In addition to those I’ve now made a version with sunlight and what I think is called a “2D skybox” (I used skybox texture on the walls instead of the combine and brick wall ones seen in above downloads)

Firstly, put Light_envernment in your map stop repetting textures and blovkyness add more detail and that map will probly be much better.

I’ll speak in better english, and say you need to add a light environment friend :slight_smile:

Yeah, I got light environment down, but as for detailing buildings better I don’t really know how to do it. I know ways to but this is the reason I want a .vmf to look at, I want to see how an experienced hammer user would do things.

Also I don’t mean to ask for things I could easily google but anyone know cretin channels/sites where I can find good tutorials.

The Mappers’ Encyclopedia


check in the sdk maps folder i know counterstrike and l4d come with example map vmf’s theres also a ‘F’ load of examples in the HL2 folder in mapsrc

Well I feel silly now, thanks.

That and just muddle around with the tools. Honestly, I’m gonna recommend that you at least try out the “carve” option, just so you can see for yourself why it’s a BAD thing to use*. Clip stuff up. Make random doors that swing down on people’s heads. Make a physbox boulder that’s actually not a perfect sphere. Just dink around until you have a feel for everything that Hammer can do, then make something good!

*Disclaimer: That’s how I figured out NOT to use it!