Can I get VAC banned for changing GMOD .dll's?

Please don’t judge me or be mad for me asking this. :c

EDIT: Go ahead and rate me dumb. I know I deserve it.

EDIT 2: I do not intend to use this for mal-practice. I only wish to use it for security purposes.

Jfc… Dont be a skiddie

I realize that using this does include controversy, but I would like to try my hand at using it to test my server’s security.

There are easier ways to take client side server files without risking a VAC ban… Google is your friend.

I wish I new an alternative method, however this is the only one which I know.

Try asking on MPGH; seems like they’d be a better fit for this question


VAC will only check for detected stuff like sethhack

source: am a skiddie

I know, talking to a “Skiddie” must be a nuisance. In my (lame) defense I actually am trying to learn how to code.

3rd party isay only. U can get by manipulating dll files :smiley:

This is still just clientside files…
You also download them when you join the server - they are cached so you don’t have to download them ttwice.

I never heard about that u download server side files as client. :smiley:

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There’s a way to dilute the data by using RunString which will overwrite the collected lua files, I just forgot how to properly do it.