Can i Grab some Expert help?

Hello i would like it if someone could convert the 3 VMF files (in the download zip) into MDl props for me so that i can use them in an addon for garrys mod thanks.
its a dodgy link but its the best i could find
All Materials are included with the 3 VMF files. If you do this i will be grateful as i cant get my head around it

try using instruction are on that page too

what is this? 3 cubes of snow. doing that with propper is overkill. just get blender. you can do that from the default cube. scale a bit. the cheap default uv unwrap should be enough too. do a material export and get it to compile. you gotta learn that anyway.

Cheers guys thanks for that. Propper is easy to use since its in hammer and it was a walk in the park after knowing that. thanks :smiley:

since i dont want to make another thread i will ask here. Are bones suppose to distort like this in 3ds max when placing them?

I dont see anything wrong with it

whenever i rotate it it gets distorted see? maybe because i deleted bone nub?

Oh shit. thats a new one. No, because i delete the nub bones all the time.

any idea why it happens? :frowning: