Can I have my account ban reviewed?

I am not sure if this is the right place to go but I was banned for cheating. I would like someone to review my account because i don’t any cheat software or anything related to that. I do however have NiceHash which is used to mine crypto but I dont think that would cause a ban. My account name is starfish3254 and I play on the oce. My steam is scared_python

All bans are final, none will be reviewed.
Also don’t use a crypto miner on your gaming pc, you’ll spend more on electricity and will shorten the life of your GPU, which is something you don’t want to replace right now.

I make a profit with my mining, and it doesn’t decrease the life of the GPU unless it overheats (which mine doesn’t)

So there are no ways to fix an unfair ban on a game that I paid for?

Paying for a game does not give you the right to cheat on it in multiplayer.

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Well good thing I didn’t cheat. The ban was a mistake.

So here’s something that might interest you:

What’s your SteamID? I can check it