Can I have some help with getting started on my custom panels?

What I eventually want to do is make it so that the settings (F1) panel is bigger in size, so that I can fit everything into the area without having to scroll, and adding some custom options to it like mute playsound and stuff. Just a bigger size. Along with this I want to add several tabs, which will contain Achievements (get 20 headshots, jump 1000 times, etc) and a kill achievements tab, where you go up a rank every certain amount of kills you get.

I have NO idea where to start. I know this involves derma, but can anybody push me in the right direction? I have coded my own SWEPs, ULX commands, and some other little things, but nothing like this. Help would be appriciated!

Well this should get you started with derma.

GL! :slight_smile:

Ahhhhhhh I knew I had seen that before, I just couldn’t find it. Thanks! If I have more questions I’ll just post them to this thread.