Can I have some help with this?

Hi there everybody!

So I’m basically trying to create an time-experience system where every minute you play as either a criminal or hero job, you get a +1 experience in either path.

I have no idea how player stored vars work so please someone help me out

This is what I just scratched up I don’t even know if it works, please let me know what I’m doing and not doing, cheers.

local clock = os.clock
function sleep(n)  -- seconds
  local t0 = clock()
  while clock() - t0 <= n do end

function PLAYER:SetupDataTables()
	self.Player:NetworkVar("Int", 0, "CriminalExperience" )
	self.Player:NetworkVar("Int", 0, "HeroExperience" )
	if SERVER then
		hook.add("OnPlayerChangedTeam", "InitXPGain", function()
			while after == TEAM_THUG or after == TEAM_MOBSTER do
					self:SetCriminalExperience((self:CriminalExperience + 1))
			while after == TEAM_POLICE or after == TEAM_SWAT do
					self:SetHeroExperience((self:HeroExperience + 1))

I dont know what “after” is but I think it should be :

while getDarkRPVar("job") == "Thug" or getDarkRPVar == "Mobster" do


 -- OR, easier path --

CriminalJobs = {

while getDarkRPVar("job") == CriminalJobs do

after is an arg of OnPlayerChangedTeam, but yeah I like your method better, and what do you think about the datatables stuff?

It should work fine

Also, the sleep function will just crash the server. You should use instead timers, as of


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And so will the “while” function you’ve got there. You have to find another way of approaching this without using loops like that. They may work in normal Lua, but not in gmod. In Gmod it will just crash the engine.

But regarding everything else?, it should work right?