Can I help you? Nurse in for a shock.

C&C please?

She’s not looking at the clipboard, bro.

Yes she is…?

Her eyes are slightly to (her) left of the clipboard. From this angle, anwyay. Nice idea though.

Too dark.

actually, unless she’s reading something on the VERY far right

Contrast rape.

I wasn’t sure how to make it darker, so I looked up a guide and lo and behold, it told me to do so.

What’s the shock?

jee I wonder.

Shock? If it is the blood on his neck that are referred to, I am fairly certain nurses are used to that stuff.

probably that hes a zombie you know


Failed logic then. A zombie doesn’t got to a nurse. It would be eating the internal organs to any paramedic attempting to bring it there.

Such is the nature of a zombie.

I thought this was gonna be a “boing heres my penis!” but thankfully its not. But she mainly looks like shes looking at her hand thats holding the clipboard.

After seeing this, to be honest, i wish it was

I think the shock will come once he turns around…

and… now she is looking at the man!
holy damn! i gonna be a zombie!

The contrast, saturation and bloom gave me a shock.

If the editing is really that bad, here’s the original.

I’m still not great at photoshop and it looked stupid being so light.