Can I host a decent buildserver on my PC?

And how many slots?

I have no clue what any of this stuff means.
Also 8600GT 512mb video card.

Sure, but it’s not recommended to host a dedicated server on the same PC you’re playing on. You want to do a listen server.

Also, the blurred out text at the bottom tells me you have a hacked version of Windows, probably using the timer hack.

I wouldn’t try to host a dedacated one on your pc,unless you have like 20gb of ram and a 200mbits Internet connection.

You dont have a clue so your input is not required, Just a couple of things need to clarify:

  1. Are you gonna use this pc too play as well? (Oops answered already)
  2. Can you get a pic to show your internet?

Once we have those items we can give you a rough estimation on slots.

What about my server?

You do need a little more ram but I would say,on that info about 12 slots…

He has 2 GB of RAM, that should leave more than enough for a server.

Build servers are most dependant on CPU performance and network speed (mostly upload).


Here is a simple calculator to find out how many slots your connection and PC can handle at once and what settings to use.


The page is slightly broken though.

Edit: Stripped his page of all the styling.

You don’t need a shitload of ram just to host a Gmod server…


No he doesn’t he’s more than fine with those specs.

No, anything above 84MB ram is good enough, considering I hosted a 4 slot CSS server on a 400Mhz celeron and 84MB ram with no issues.

OP: P4 is not a good CPU for hosting servers on. You can do it, but anything above 16 slot is probably going to max the CPU.