Can I make a map in GMOD and transfer it to CSS?

Hey everyone I’m new here.

I’ve recently started using the hammer tool in CSS. However, I want to play Gmod as well as CSS. So I wondered… Can I make a map in GMOD (say gm_consrtuct, put walls down ect…), save it somehow as .bsp then upload it onto my CSS server? Sorry if this sounds confusing. And if I’m posting incorrectly. But yeah, thanks everyone:)

Sure, if you copy all the files that the map uses (textures, etc.) then it shouldn’t be a problem.

How can you make a map in gmod ? If you mean loading gm_construct ,building things with gmod tools this won 't be a map ,it will be a save and you won 't be able to run it in css
Also the Hammer tool is not in css it 's in source SDK

Well it will work but i’m sure you need to add some entities to make it work correctly in css. Like the area for the bomb or hostages and stuff like that. About the texture i’m sure you wont have any problem. Gmod mounts all source engine 2009 textures and when 2 textures have same name it will load hl2 ones. About css i suppose it mounts all textures from hl2

I’m afraid you’ll have to decompile the map first, and there are more consequences than there are successions. VMEX has become discontinued since 2007 and succeeded by BSPSource that can decompile version 21 BSPs

You can read here for a few information on consequences you can get from decompiling someone’s map IF you intend to release it

Why don’t most of you READ his damn post?

I’m not that knowledgeable Tibbers, but I believe the short answer is: Yes.

If you make a simple room in Hammer for example it will work in gmod and css. However it’s when you start adding unique entities to the map for CSS or Gmod that it starts to become an issue. Even then, it shouldn’t crash but those entities might not work anymore.

For example, you can take a deathrun map from CSS and it will load in Gmod but some of the entities won’t work, same with race maps. You can write some lua to support these ents, but I’m not sure how.

As a mapper: Yes, you can. It won’t work in Gmod like it will in Counter-Strike of course as stated above (I mean bombs, hostages, etc.), but the map is playable as long as you have the models and textures. Since you have Counter-Strike, you shouldn’t have a problem.
Game-specific entities will only work in their own games.

The basic stuff will work if you just copy paste the map file, but scripted entities won’t be there. (such as lua_run).

Wouldn’t it be less of a headache to make a map for CS:S instead of GMod?

Well actually as far as i know nobody “makes” map for gmod. It’s just a standard hl2 map!

Are you saying that all roleplay, build, zombie survival and spacebuild maps were made to be played solely on HL2?

No wait. Maps are made with standard hl2 hammer configuration. All those mods are made in lua. I don’t think garry’s mod has entity of his own (I’m not talking about lua ones)

Hmmm, then what about prop spawners built into the maps etc?

I’ve never really used hammer so I’ve no idea there.

Prop spawner entities are used in some parts of Half-Life 2. It isn’t unique to Gmod, if that’s what you mean.

Exactly! Gmod does not have any entity too place in hammer, it’s all hl2 stuff. I’m i wrong?

Correct. Some Half-Life 2 mods have their own custom entities for Hammer that can be used for their own maps, but I don’t recall Gmod having any.