Can I make money from my server?

Can I sell VIP plans and items to make money with my server of Rust? Or it’s forbidden?
I just wonder if it is allowed or not by the company PlayRust / facepunch

Why would anyone pay for that though? They could just buy their own server instead. With blackjack, and hookers.

I don’t think its possible. But you have to read the ToS of Rust.

I came across a lot of servers in legacy that did that. They’d sell VIP slots that had additional /kits and whatnot to help people get started easier. For me, if I saw that…I’d just avoid playing on your server. Pay to win sucks…earn it.

I have no problem with it if there are servers that don’t do it, then you have the choice. I don’t blame server owners for trying to cover their costs for running the server (and often their website, etc.).

I agree, and I do have a “donate” button on the website. What I don’t personally condone, is someone saying, give me 5 bucks and i’ll give you an AK BP. That just seems lame. But hey, different strokes for different folks.

I just wonder if it is allowed or not by the company PlayRust / facepunch

As long as you list it as a donation, im pretty sure you can do whatever you want and they can’t stop ya :slight_smile:

As long as there are surplus of empty servers, that cannot really work. And I hope that never happens.

it does work…
first, build a community… keep the server stable, then give some benefits to whoever donates…

of course this leads to demands… if someone “donates” you to get benefits, then they feel like they are paying to you have a good service, and as soon as the serer lags, goes offline or they get killed by common folks, then they will complain…

also it leads to server competition, ddos attacks… and so on…

it hapens all the time

I see this kind of thing on Garry’s Mod a lot, so I think Facepunch are fine with it. Whether you’ll get enough donaters is up to you I guess.

how you run your server is up to you, just don’t expect them to do anything to support it.

I’ve read in the past that Facepunch are happy with this, they also class all screenshots and video as YOUR property unlike many other game publishers. So yes you can make money from your server, it’s up to you how you do it.

On my server we have vip options, we strive to keep it as far from pay2win as possible. In this sense we do not sell blueprints, guns, ammo under any circumstances. I’d be rich if I did for the amount of offers I get. We do provide a booster building kit of some resources etc to get people off to a good start. It’s a modded server so it’s not exactly hard to get started anyway. Is that pay2win? Some say yes, some say no, one thing is for sure that it doesn’t affect our popularity. We constantly move between 3rd and 6th in the rankings on gametracker. The release of GTA 5 this week hit us a bit. We also provide donators with a ts3 channel on our server.

It’s hard to get people to support your server without some incentive, you just have to balance it right and this is something we constantly tweak and adjust.

At the moment I have around 60 people donating regularly and that keeps both my rust servers up, our ts3 up and our website. We are also now looking into running servers for other games. We put the money back into our community.

One of the devs has been on our server a few times to chat performance and he will of seen our vip stuff and donation stuff and he’s never told us to stop. For info on making money with Rust.

pls dont let this game turn to minecraft

Tbh I’d probably pay for some BPs because moving to a new server and starting the BP grind again isn’t my idea of a fun weekend. Hitting barrels and hoping for something that isn’t spoiled chicken or tuna.

I was hoping for that STEAM inventory BP system to show up.

I used to play on a legacy with VIP kit, they have several option and kit you can buy… like you can pay like $10 for a month and spawn you a full kev suit, M4 and bolt each 8 hours… I went on this server to practice PVP and not have to worry to much about my stuff… and this server was very well take care by admin, they are some admin almost every time to check that everything went well and to take care of hacker.
But honestly this is not my kind of server I use to like… I play Vanilla server as I want to play as the game is design to.

An excellent question. Could you go ahead and post your server info so we can [del]avoid that P2W shitpile like it was a truck stop prostitute with a skin rash[/del] check out how this creative and original thinking works out for you?

Pretty sure it’s against the TOS, but really do you really think they have time to enforce it? I dont think so. Aside from that, the minecraft reference makes me recall that someone did an interview with garry about the time that the whole minecraft thing came up and he agreed with their policy change and said his games tos have always been that way. I’m behind the ole work firewall so I cannot find reference to cite.

if its a mutual benefit for everyone, do it i guess lol