can i make movie with gmod 9?

well i want to make some movie with gmod 9… can i do it?

Yes, but you’d be better off buying Garry’s Mod.

you can make movies with gmod 9 by buying gmod 10

it works really! i did it myself!

i wish i can buy it :colbert:

I don’t see why you can’t.

you can do movie from ANYTHING.

Yeah you can, just use Fraps or something.

Or source recorder.

Golden rule: All questions concerning Garry’s mod 9

Get Garry’s mod :v:

Edit: Your youtube channel has a “Mutated outcast” “machinima” where you walk your fallout 3 character on the edge of a cliff and then walk him off and he falls and dies. The end :l

yes but take long time…


It’s annoying how everyone seems to think just because Garry doesn’t support 9, we shouldn’t, however, you should buy GMod 12 as soon as possible.

Regardless, it’s just as easy.

You can make movies in Gmod 9 just fine. Just be aware that it doesn’t have as many features as the current paid release, and nobody makes addons for it anymore. All addons are several years old now.

Yes but saddly you cannot shoot web

Shouldn’t gmod 9 be broken since hl2 and its episodes along with CSS have been updated to the 2009 engine.

Well I think the older source version still is avaible for older mods or? Well anyway, buy the full gmod!

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gmod 9… QUOTE]
thers your problem