Can i noclip on rust if u are an admin ??

Can i noclip on rust if u are an admin ??

Why would you ever need to?

I dont see why not what if you need to catch a speed hacker or nocliper.
theres lots of other reasons for it to.

If your a admin or not you shouldn’t noclip in the game, If you do noclip
you should report it as a bug report.
If you are a admin and want to noclip then that’s just admin abuse
for using a exploit.

then you teleport to the “hacker” in question.

Still be nice if they added noclip or spectate other players to see if there aimboting and stuff

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And what if a nocliper made a base under a rock or something like that how am i suppose to get in and i dont know his name at all.

:slight_smile: I was being nice, I just see no reason for a admin to use the noclip exploit,
and his question was, as I understand it, Can a admin use noclip.

Theres many ways in the console to catch hackers without using this exploit. :slight_smile:

P.s ah you edited your post :slight_smile:
Simply goto console via F1 and type status. Write down the names of the players in the server
and teleport to each player. :slight_smile:

They don,t have to add it but they should add spectating into the game to see whos using esp,aimbot, and other things.

If u teleport to a player then u need to go back. its have been better if u could fly back :wink:

Spectating for admins I agree with.

Fdgods was just posting his opinion and saying they should add something that could be very useful. Plus it would be a pain to teleport to each character and if one of them is his friends he could warn his friend that the admin is tpping around.

Yea thats pretty much it

I understand Fdgods was making a point hence why I agreed with a Spectater mode :slight_smile:
plus using the admin tools you can TP to player without them knowing.
But again I also see your point on your comment. Admins could be detected doing this.

But that said, Still no reason to use noclip because you could still be detected using that. :slight_smile: either way.

how would you be detected nocliping?use Invisible gear and check out the other players
and its really dumb if you tp to the player and see your name then its kinda over they know your watching.

It would be nice if a noclip command was added for admins. And if anyone disagrees, you’re just being ridiculous. There are PLENTY of ways to abuse admin rights, but many of us choose to not abuse our powers. Countless of times I’ve had speedhackers just run away from me, unable to catch their name. Teleport to them? With 20-50 players on a server I’d have to hit a miracle to teleport to the correct one in the first try.

Why are you guys even saying Noclip shouldn’t be available to admins? There are plenty of valid places to use it.

Well a admins job, is to watch and monitor the server, and report exploits.
There is really no reason to drag admins down to using exploits.

this is just my opinion. :slight_smile:

Each to there own. All depends what sort of admin is monitoring the server.

Using exploits? Many games ADD Noclip functions for admins for them to use to catch hackers. We’re not talking about abusing exploit, we’re talking about deliberate implementation of a noclip tool for admins.

A noclip tool/command is not what the OP asked for. :slight_smile:

I think this discussion’s topic trend has evolved from “can admins noclip?” to “As admins, we need noclip functions to sufficiently monitor our server/players.”

As it stands right now, plenty of admins abuse their powers. However, there are servers where admins do not abuse the privilege they are given. So let the “bad” and “good” servers accumulate their own reputations, but not having something that can significantly improve moderation is detrimental to server health.

wait no wait no wait let’s break this thing down

can i noclip on rust if u are an admin ??

From my perspective what I am being asked here is: “if you are an admin on a rust server, will you give me noclip space and then two question marks”.

Here, we must make two assumptions:

  1. This query is not directed at any person or party in particular, but the forum as a whole. It is then - perhaps - safe to assume that the question is posed as a hypothetical scenario.

  2. As it is a hypothetical scenario, we are to assume that the granting of the ability known as “noclip” is possible, (albeit as the result of some sort of non-trivial procedure that may involve a ritual castration of firstborn sons, poultry etc…)

In this case the question becomes a very simple one. OP is asking us if we trust him.
Trust is, and pretty much always has been, a system involving two parties: the trustor and the trustee. The trustor is willing to rely on the actions of the trustee and allows them control over the outcome of a situation. If the actions of the trustee and the outcome of the situation are favourable in the eyes of the trustor then trust is said to have been “not misplaced”. As such, the trustee is then considered to be a place where amounts of trust can be put (much like a punchbowl but for trust instead of punch.) In this relationship, the punchbowl (that is to say, the trustee) has completed the task without the need for outside motivation other than the fact that the pourer (trustor) has placed his punch (trust) in the punchbowl (trustee). A relationship such as this leads us to the conclusion that punch (and therefore trust) is mutual, which brings us back to our current punchbowl; the dude who made this thread.

OP is asking if we trust him so that he will know if he can trust us. He is probably gay and wants advice on how to tell his parents.