Can i play gmod online?

Please closs this thread.

Every server has different download sizes and speeds. You’d need to join a server close to you too.

Just so I understand… you’ve got a 15mb cap? If that’s the case… then well. no.

Could you be a bit more specific. As to wether 15MB is suitable enough to play online or not. I mean either it is or it isnt. Also im talking about the server cache and all the files that get downloaded upon startup of you joining a server

No, it’s not enough.

OK thanks :slight_smile:

The GMod client uses a constant 25-40kb/s. Then on top of that, you have to download files.

Are you sure it isn’t a 15GB cap?

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15MB is like 4 small youtube videos…

T_T yeah im sure. My old internet was something like 15-30 gb and my mum decided shed get a Incredibly smaller package because i “Take the piss without the amount of games i play online and download”

Just wait until she gets charged an extortionate amount for bandwidth overages.