Can I play Gmod with no internet?

I’m asking this because im leaving for italy soon an would like somthing to do on the 8 hour ride there so can I pplay without internet?

If your STEAM account is in offline mode before you set off, you should be able to play fine.

You can play single-player.

Really? thanks man

Make sure you have all the updates you want, though. No chance to get more without internet. AND MAKE SURE YOU GET PLENTY OF MAPS! Like download maps you only sort of want, just so you make sure you don’t get bored. And I recommend having a couple weapons packs just incase you want to go through Half Life and it’s episodes with custom guns.

Oh I didn’t see “8 hour ride.” Nevermind me, please rate boxes.

I just did that today. The game won’t start without the internet, but if you lose the internet mid-game, nothing happens other than the steam community going bye-bye.

It depends. You need to have all your game content downloaded or else it doesn’t work.

You can play single player