Can I play multiplayer when I buy the game on steam?

hi , im new here
can i play multiplayer when i buy the game on steam ??
now, i have gmod 9(pirate) and i cant see servers
(sorry for my bad english)

You can’t pirate Gmod 9 because it’s free.

And the answer to all questions regarding Gmod 9 is: Buy GMod 10/11

i have just bought the game
thx for quick answer ^^

I lol’d.

one more question

do i need patch or something like that to play multiplayer ??

Answer to all gmod 9 questions, Get gmod 10.
If you are asking about gmod10, it should update to the newest version when you boot it up.

No, Steam auto patches everything. Besides gmod 9 has multiplayer, why wouldn’t 10?

thank you,
i bough the game but …
servers gone ! where are they :S
edit - ok fixed

You should always post HOW you fixed it, in case someone else comes looking for answers to the same question.