can i pleas gett a beta key for the game rust

can i pleas gett a beta key for the game rust

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When i feel sad, i look at posts like these and realize I’m not the dumbest person on the planet.

(No you cannot. Buy Gold in top right corner to get a CHANCE.)
asking in this forum will get u bannd

on a web site they say i put on a forum and wait to days than i gett the key am new one the forum

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does come rust free to play?

Here ya go. Beta Keys

Dat’ English.

rust is free to play Now. It will cost money when it is in Beta or when it is done.
What was that website? I think they’re lying to you.

i doint know what it was i was looking for a key for the game rust and than thear comes a link on how you can get a free beat key

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but i have one game of garry newman thats garrys mod

You can’t, there are none, please wait.

i play war z so butt this game is realy nice too you know how much is it cost

stop tricking me ;-; that’s twice in a row

back to poster. Dat’ website is prolly lying,

least I’m not the only one who uses gizoogle :smiley:

Get your key today from here.

i know what that mean now am gone wait for the free to play :frowning:

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i think its gonna be a mod

jokes on you, it’s not going to be free to play >:D

My steam name is :Carim5 if you want trade me or what oke :slight_smile:

What no… it’s not a mod and they already said it will not be F2P.


day z is a mod warz is a game the rust is gonna be a mod why thats better and cheap so they can make better games this not a wrong game this is a better game than day z

Is your shift and punctuation keys broken?