Can I Post a Map Pack on

Yeah, so, I just made a horror map pack that I think people would really appreciate, but
the rules on say, you cannot post stuff you didn’t make.

So my question is:

Can I post the pack of maps that I compiled?
Or will I get banned for that, since I didn’t make the actual maps?

Now, I’ve seen other people saying stuff on their packs like: “I do not take credit for anything in this pack.”
or, “NOTE: I didn’t make this!”

Now, I don’t think they are banned, but I’m just making sure.

Would someone please help me verify this?

I want to give back to the community, and I think that it’s really hard to find quality
horror maps, so I’m making this pack, but I hope I can post it without getting banned :-l

No because you didn’t make any of the maps.

However nobody on gets banned. In all honesty no one monitors it.

So… If I do post this awesome map pack, I won’t get banned?

Because I don’t wanna lose my downloading permissions.

Probably not

But you should be careful anyway, are there any forums or something where you can post it?

Like, here?

Um, I wouldn’t say that. People complain about being banned all the time for these such things. :confused:

To the OP, be careful about that kind of stuff. Or else you’ll end up having to re-buy Gmod for downloads. That’s the gimmick you know!

I think you can upload map packs, As long as you give full credit to the map makers.

Post a pack with its links to a dropbox or something.