Can I receive a vac ban for this?

Hi today, I thought about changing my sound file for gun shots. I wanted to change it to have more bark to it. And I am just wondering if I could get a vac ban for editing a mp3 files.

I AM NOT CHANGING ANY .exe or .fll

Tampering with files… Sounds bannable to me.

i wouldn’t risk it, maybe someone with more information should be able to tell you an direct answer

You probably would not, at least not for changing something like an mp3 file.

However, I wouldn’t take the risk. Is another $20 for another copy of the game and a permanent VAC mark on your Steam profile really worth a custom gunshot sound that will likely be changed during development anyways?

Probably not.

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If people can edit the mesh files to get through walls and such and not get banned then I doubt this would… But like I said, is it worth the risk?


J!NX is correct, as always:

I think you would get some file missmatch error if you do that. Either way… i would not risk that just to change a few sounds :P.

I feel your pain. I too enjoy the louder bang. That’s why I just mic up when shooting at people screaming “bang bang”

I’d rather just replace all the guns with finger guns

No, you wont get a vac ban. However, this does not mean that it will work. Also, sound files are .mp3? Highly doubt it

No, not necessarily. That depends entirely on how Rust handles the identification of files. A ton of Source games allow you to alter the main menu music by simply converting a piece of music to .WAV and renaming it “ui.wav” and dropping it in a relevant folder in the game’s Steam directory.

I imagine that, as long as the sounds that OP wishes to alter retain the same bitrate, sample rate, encoder type, and file name, then he should not run into any issues. However, if Rust analyzes all of the files it loads by running a checksum against the original files, then he would more than likely run into tons of problems like sudden crashes, or the game would simply refuse to load.