Can i release stuff from ARCTIC COMBAT, TORNADO FORCE, PASSION LEAD ARMY & AVA for XNALARA with obj here ?

sample (and some w.i.p.)

Stryker - Tornado Force


U96C - ARCTIC COMBAT (.psk include)

I don’t see why you can’t. You’re providing useable files for others to work with, after all.

If you have the models with their original rigging, you should post those in FBX instead of OBJ. It’d be easier for people here if they didn’t have to re-rig these.

^ you can import with 3ds max script or blender

holy fuck
these are great, thanks.


The models looks really nice.
Can you provide links to them?
The links from deviantart dont work and some models dont have download links D:


Yeah, the short haired blonde woman reminds me of Lisa Hamilton of DOA :smiley:
All the women models looks really detailed and nice.

These models actualy look good from here, Ingame look horrible for me…

you playing this game ?

Directx11 same with BF3 etc

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some link added


can i have link to the obj for these three guys?

Would have been better to post the extracted stuff directly - since all of these are unreal games as opposed to a fourth party format :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah what’s up Goreface? Glad to see these been shared with even more people. Great rips, keep it up.

Stryker - Tornado Force


I agree with this. These are all supported by gildor’s umodel and would be extractable by anyone with the game clients installed. Even links to where to download some of the clients would work.

but why no people release extracted models in here ?

Then be the first.

It would be great if you organized the pics under the name of the game where they came from.