Can i run a server with these specs?

3.25GB of ddr2 RAM
AMD phenom tripple core prossesor 2.8GHz
Windows 7 OS
With this internet

Stop trying to show off your computer. You can’t host a decent server with that upload speed.

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Yes, but i recommend you use somthing lower then windows 7, somthing like XP or vista. Idk if srcds will run on W7…

Also, you can have a server with any internet connection, its just the slower, the slower. The less people u can have on ur server.

Umm, “These” are not really specs. If you want everyone to see your specs download this- , Run it take a screenshot or copy and past your results :wink:

Um no, you don’t need an external program to show your pc specs.

Thank you try again next time.

Well i have 0.33 upload 20mb download 32 slots so if i can you can

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ok i tried to start and i get this setuparryprops_r: array prop ‘(null)’ is index zero then it crashed.

Needs updating mate run a steam update

Even though his reply was idiotic.

You can run about 4-6 players, maybe 7.

Your upload speeds are crap, if you want to host more players I suggest finding a new ISP.

Why wouldn’t it work on Windows 7?
Windows 7 would be a better choice than Vista, Vista uses more ram (shouldn’t matter anyways) than Windows 7 and probably uses more of the CPU while idling also.

XP is still a meh choice, it doesn’t really matter what you use.