Can I run GMOD with this laptop?

Can I run GMOD properly with this laptop?

If one of the specifications in the link above is unclear (because of the language), please ask me.



Yes, CPU is kinda meh though. Other than that, you should run garry’s mod no problem.

That processor is clocked to 2.1ghz. For gmod, that’s pretty low and I’d try going for something that’s at 3 or above. Other cpu specs really don’t matter when it comes to gmod.

You can’t just say it should be over 3, as the ghz doesn’t really matter on modern cpu’s anyway (you can only use it for orientation).
E.g. try to compare an AMD bulldozer with 4ghz and i7 with 3ghz and you will notice that the intel one is far superior.

I would recommend an i5 or i7 (of recent generations). Also you should try to go over 1gb graphics memory (It’s not absolutely necessary, but 2gb costs nearly the same.)

It will work fine, you might not be able to do full resolution but i ran GMod 13 very well on an Intel Core 2 Quad Processor

Yeah, the exceptions to the rule are the bulldozer and netburst architecture. Since netburst was abandoned sometime in 2006 and intel pretty much dominates the laptop market, it’s not quite as much of an issue. You should still try going for a higher clocked intel chip, though.