Can I run it?

Win 8 64
i7-3517U (1.9 GHz, 3.0 GHz Turbo, 4 MB Cache)
Integrated card Intel HD 4000 & AMD Radeon HD 8750M (2GB)

I can’t play rust i open game in the lowest settings game is slow and lagging game is loading about 8 minutes
what is the problem my laptop or something else any suggestions? type rust in te search box it also give you tips on what to do to play the game

unlikely to be able to run it well enough to play with those specs. maybe consider upping your ram, but to be honest the whole rig could do with updating if you are looking at playing rust.

In this case, it doesn’t look like your system specs are much of an issue.

Does your system have switchable graphics settings? Rust may be using the Intel HD 4000 when you intend to use your AMD card.

Are you in a low power / power saving mode?

Is Rust taking up more than ~2-3 gigs of your memory? I haven’t played the game in a while, so your memory could be a little low, depending on how much it typically takes. On my gaming desktop, I got away with running Rust with only 4 gigs (it’s a bit dated), but that was a year ago.

You need a graphics card.

Their entry is a bit dated. Rust requires 3+ gigs on your HDD, but the listing only says 1 gig.

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He has listed both his integrated and secondary cards.

When I in the game is use about 2,6 GB. I use radeon to play rust I change in options.

Right click on the rust button in steam, then choose “play in DirectX9”

Have you ensured that there are minimal other programs running in the background? If Rust is using 2.6, then that gives only 1.4 gigs for all other system processes, including Windows.

Doesn’t win 8 use a largish percentage of your RAM? Maybe Rust is using the wrong graphics card? Our Rust is an early access game, there are bound to be some random issued with particular setups, even brand new games do that sometimes.

He specified that Rust is set to use his Radeon.

I think that my RAM is to low…

How fresh is your Rust install? I’m unsure if anything has become corrupted by some chance.

Try verifying the integrity of the files in Steam.

I Verifying the intergrity its OK.
I have the newstes card drivers.
When I play its use 95% RAM and 99% disk.

You’re straining the poor thing, honestly it can’t handle the game. The CPU might be an i7 but it’s shit, graphics might be a high number but it’s pants and right now 4GB of RAM isn’t enough.


Ok thanks.

yeah that’s kind of suggestive of what i was saying. how’s your hdd? is there plenty of room left? how big is your paging file allowance? your computer will use those to compensate for the lack of ram, but if theres a chokepoint there too it will make things difficult.

i’m not trying to bag you out, i have a similar laptop with 8gb of ram, 2.0ghz i7 and a nvidia 710m. i get anywhere between 5 and 20 fps on lowest settings, so i can’t picture it working well enough to play with less.

My disk is 95% free hmm
paging file allowance is 3584mb

Simply put, your machine wasn’t a “gaming laptop” to start with, exactly, and three years later it’s not in any better a position to deal with a game in alpha. The Radeon HD 8750M is not very powerful.

The performance you’re getting is about right, if not fun.

So nothing I can do to play Yes?