Can I run rust without lag on my mid 2012 macbook pro laptop?

here is the specs:
Processor:2.5 GHz Intel Core i5
Memory: 4gb 1600 Mhz DDR3
Graphics:ntel HD Graphics 4000 1024 MB

You will prob pull around 15-20fps on most community servers on low graphics settings mate.

I cant play at that, but used to fairly happy as I new no better. when I use my macpro (similar to yours) at home I just stay in base and craft or go get local wood but I play as part of a clan so others do the running in this situation.

either way choose a very stable, vanilla low ping server to play on and see how you go.

Actually they won’t even get that. Pretty sure they can’t play the game, or they can play barely with high heat on their MBP and usually 5-15 FPS.

How do I know? I have a much better MBP - 8 GM ram and Intel Iris graphics, and can only get 15-28 FPS with everything lowest and shadows turned off.

I guess there is a slight chance, but with a much better MBP I can barely get by. The 4 GB ram will be a problem too.

i cant start rust on mac os x

on windows (via bootcamp) i only get 5-15 fps on very low graphic settings… it was better some patches ago…

(mbp mid 2012 has two graphic cards: intel hd 4000 + gt 650m)

i have a mbp as my second computer with following specs:
2,7 ghz intel core i7
16gb 1600mhz ddr3
nvidia geforce gt 650m
512gb ssd

Intel 4k will get raped by Rust. Maybe when it’s out of EA but for now, nope, won’t be fun.

Everything gets raped by rust at this time being, thanks to the poor optimization you get for buying this game in EA.

Especially with 4 GB of Ram. I can play on low settings decently with 8GB and a newer MacBook though (Intel Iris HD graphics).

i have a 2011 MB Pro which is similar to yours other than using AMD Radeon HD 6490M Graphics rather than the 650M and Rust is basically unplayable on it. I could achieve around 2 - 18 fps with all settings as low as they can be set and I would also get flickering textures. Any combat was basically one sided with the person fighting me being the winner every time. I would only play rust on my desktop.

Yes I agree, I just checked my spec and I use a mac book pro with the following:

early 2011 build
2.3ghz i7 cpu
16gb RAM
AMD radeon 6750m

I didn’t pay to much attention on my first post, my guesstimate would be around a solid 10fps on his set up…

I run it on a late-2011 MacBook Pro. I turn the settings down and get about ~30-40fps. That being said, I did upgrade to have 16gb of RAM.

I should also add that I’m not playing the Mac version of the game, I’m dual-booting with Windows and playing it there.

Yes im talking mac version, when I boot camped windows it run alot, alot better, maybe 25-30fps average on low settings etc.

However it’s good, it’s so bad for me to run on mac, this way i cant play the game at home as well…I just do some crafting when on my mac and think bad things.

You won’t be running the game with very good fps, even with the lowest graphics, around 20 max probably.

You just have to wait for the game to get optimized a bit better and you should be able to run it.