Can i run Rust?

Hi, i REALLY want to buy this game, but i dont know how it may run on my pc :confused:

Here are my specs:

Intel Core i3 3120M @2.5 GHz
Intel HD Graphics 4000
120GB SSD Harddrive

how many ddrs are there on the hard drive

You should be able to run Rust, I’ve been able to run it for about 20 fps or such on 720p,

my specs

Intel Core I3 2350 2.3 Ghz Dual

Intel HD 3000

6gb ram

400 gb hardrive

On this, intel hd 4000 is way better than 3000, so you should be able to run Rust in about 30+ fps on 720p,

I have 2 4GB DDR3 RAM’s, and unfortunately, there are no more slots open :confused:

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And by the way… how processor/ graphics heavy is this game compared to DayZ? higher or lower requirements? :slight_smile: