Can I run Rust?

Hello, I really like Rust and I was wondering if my computer would let me play it!
So I need your help! Tell me if this is good enough to play on low

Processor: Intel Pentium CPU B960 @ 2.20 GHZ
Graphic Card: Intel HD Graphics Family

No you can’t. The processor is not powerful enough, you have the bare minimum for RAM, and Integrated graphics are a no-no for anything gaming.

How many FPS would I have?

Probably around 15, but the lighting on torches and fires will be fucked up and it will be near unplayable.

What about using Game Booster? I don’t know because the website says 20-30

What website says 20-30?

I don’t even think you’ll be able to start the game to be honest. I can just run the game at 30 fps at lowest settings with a AMD A10-5700 APU which is more powerful then the intel graphics that come with your CPU. Sorry bud :confused: if you want to play rust you’ll need to buy a dedicated GPU. if your really low on money you can look at something like a Radeon 7770 or a R7 260x. (you’ll need a new PSU to run a dedicated graphics card assuming you bought your computer prebuilt)

Very simple.Forget it.As Jonnymad say,the Processor cant handle it.And even if it can,with this stats you wouldnt reach 20-30 fps

Save your money for now and upgrade when possible :slight_smile: