Can I run Rust?

Hello community, just bought Rust. I have a shitty Toshiba laptop, I can run the basics. CS: Source (High) Garrys Mod (High) CS:GO (Med/Low) but I wanna know if I can play Rust with atleast 30 fps. I currently get maybe 5-10 lol. My graphics card is integrated so there is no way to overclock it. I use game booster to give me about maybe a 15 percent increase in performance. I know, I need a better PC but I do not have tons of money laying around that I can blow on a $800 dollar rig. Anything I can do so I can atleast make my gameplay experience some what enjoyable? Thanks.

Specs: Toshiba Satellite L755
Processor: Intel® Pentium CPU B940 Dual Core 2.00
GFX: Intel HD Graphics Family (lulz)

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I use it for my games

Everything is in the green except for the video card, but right under the video card its says I have the right shaders and everything.

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You can run it. It is just saying that is a old model

You’re not going to get 30 fps with that :wink: on low with dx9 and grass off I get 30. Your graphics card is pretty damn terrible :wink: In game turn off grass and in the launch properties add -force-d3d9

AMD A6 Dual Core @ 2.7 GHZ
6GB Ram
Radeon HD 7520G + 7600M Dual Graphics


For Steam right? add that to launch options?